Another beautiful video has landed online in which all the attention was stolen by the mighty gray whale.

This one was swimming directly beneath a group of surfers, and the breathtaking scene was captured from the air.

In the immediate vicinity of Doheny State Beach, located in Dana Point, California, Payton Landaas filmed a scene with the help of the DJI Mavic Pro drone that left many viewers breathless.

The gray whale reaches 12 meters in length and can weigh more than 13 tons. Females are slightly smaller than males, and typically gray whales do not stay underwater for more than 4 minutes. That is why they repeatedly come to the surface, where they have many human observers.

Take a look at what an awesome scene with an adult gray whale was filmed in sunny California these days. Will the gray whale impress you to with its image?

Credit: klipland

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