A surveillance camera in front of one of the Los Angeles houses filmed a shocking act by a USPS employee spraying a puppy at the entrance with a tear gas.

The scene angered many online users as the puppy was very kind to a heartless woman all the time!

When the video was seen by the puppy’s owner, he became furious. His four-legged friend Coco was always kind to every visitor, so the act of a woman is completely unacceptable.

The surveillance camera initially captured the female USPS employee as she approached the mailbox when Coco came next to her. Despite being friendly, the heartless woman took a tear gas into her hands and then pepper-sprayed the dog with it!

The USPS has apologized to the owner and their employee has already lost her job. Many online users now demand a harsh punishment for a woman who attacked a friendly puppy in such a cruel way.

Credit: klipland

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