“Uptown Funk” is one song that has taken the world by storm, providing a lively beat that is hard not to jam along to.

One creative genius decided that it was time to take the modern jive of “Uptown Funk” and combine it with some vintage dance moves.

The finished result is a masterpiece that not only makes viewers smile but also takes their breaths away!

Michael Binder is the man who decided that “Uptown Funk” would do best combined with some faces from the past.

Binder is an author and film preservation proponent who got the idea when he saw an online mix-up that took “Uptown Funk” and combined it with 100 clips from movies both vintage and modern.

Binder decided that it might be even more fun to focus exclusively an old musicals and see how well the film stars from Hollywood’s Golden Age can groove along to this modern hit song. 

Binder took 66 movies clips that had dance scenes from popular stars such as Shirley Temple, Fred Astaire and Judy Garland, and flawlessly incorporated them into a music video.

During this work, Binder did nothing to change the tempo of the original dance scenes.

Despite this, the end result is a series of continuous dance moves that go right along with the music.

Even if you’re not a fan of old movies, this mix-up provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the talented dancers with a modern song.

And if you are, it will just make you appreciate all over what a fabulous sense of rhythm these vintage stars had. 

Once you start watching, you might find yourself putting the song on repeat and dancing along!

Credit: apost

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